Vintage Member

2011-03-05 19:30:46 by Stinger-Missile

I just realized something. I've been visiting this website for over 8 years now. Holy damn that's a long time. Also, still looking for voice over projects. Hit me up if you would like an audio sample.

Equipment and ACEN

2010-05-13 07:13:49 by Stinger-Missile

I've finally got my home studio set up! Now it's time to figure out how it all works!

ACEN! It's this weekend! I'm going! WHOO!

Demos are back!

2010-05-03 21:19:26 by Stinger-Missile

Huzzah and hot damn! My demos are back from post production! Anyone who cares to listen go visit my website!
VFA Demo - Greg Walus

Recording Demos!

2010-04-12 14:04:49 by Stinger-Missile

Today marks the beginning of the start of my voice over career! I will be going to Chicago Sound Labs studio in south Chicago to record my professional VO demos today! After post production is said and done, they should be available in the upcoming weeks. Once I get my demos back I'll put up a new post to let anyone interested to listen. Until then, hang in there!